Atlanta Plastic Surgery and Hair Restoration

Dr. Frederick T. Work, Jr. of the Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery provides compassionate, premium-level patient-centered care to a diverse and distinguished clientele from Atlanta, Buckhead, Vinings, and Sandy Springs. Do you want beautiful breasts or do you desire sensual and beautifying enhancements to your face, eyes, nose, mouth, hips, legs, tummy or any other part of your body? Your top choice with world-class experience is Dr. Work, a plastic surgeon who you can trust to get the results you really want. Blending true art and masterful technique, Dr. Work is a perfectionist and an absolute professional, working with the keenest skill and surgical ability necessary to produce amazing results across all skin colors, including those that are most prone to leaving visible scar tissue.

Dr. Work believes that aesthetic excellence begins with a commitment to total health and well-being from the inside out. Whether it’s a challenging reconstructive procedure or a complexion rejuvenating cosmetic treatment, Dr. Work will take the time to listen to your concerns and goals. He’ll make sure you feel relaxed and make certain that all your questions are answered. You will have total peace of mind knowing that you are in the best possible surgical hands with the finest treatment strategy available. Schedule your consultation now and take the first step to looking your best with Dr. Work.

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Breast Augmentation in Atlanta, GA

Do you want to improve the appearance of your breasts by increasing their size, restoring volume, lifting them for enhanced perkiness or even by reducing the size of overly large breasts? If so, then breast augmentation with Dr. Work may be the procedure for you. Look great with a procedure customized and designed to help you have the curves you desire. To learn more about breast augmentation with Dr. Work, click here.

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Liposuction in Atlanta, GA

You can look and feel your very best with Dr. Work by eliminating those unwanted deposits of fat that are stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise, regardless of how much you work out and eat right. Now with liposuction, which can even be done as an outpatient procedure, Dr. Work can help you enhance your body’s contours. Remove troublesome fat from your thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, abdomen and other problematic regions and learn more about liposuction with Dr. Work by contacting our office today.

Facelift in Atlanta, GA

Do you want to diminish facial lines? Is the loss of a well-defined jawline, accumulated loose skin or deep wrinkles on your cheeks an aesthetic issue causing you to feel self-conscientious? These or any other facial cosmetic conditions brought on by aging, genetics or lifestyle factors can be addressed with a facelift from Dr. Work. Reclaim your youthful appearance and complexion, restore and rejuvenate your face and learn more about facelifts from Dr. Work

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Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA

Are you troubled by hair loss? Now, thanks to follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction, it’s easier than ever to successfully undergo hair restoration. You can count on Dr. Work to do a beautiful job. Dr. Work can help you to safely and comfortably achieve a renewed youthful appearance. Do you want a virtually undetectable hairline and natural-looking results? Learn more now about hair restoration with Dr. Work.

Improve your quality of life and boost your self-confidence! The Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery’s total commitment to you is giving you the very best possible care and top optimal results. The Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery is located in Midtown on the 4th floor of historic Baltimore Row, overlooking downtown Atlanta. Are you ready to take that courageous first step towards a brand new you? Then contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Work.

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