Breast Lift Before & After Pictures in Atlanta, GA

Some women who are unhappy with the way their breasts look are surprised to learn that a breast lift is a better option than breast augmentation. Genetics, pregnancy and aging can give your breasts a droopy appearance that makes them appear smaller. Dr. Frederick T. Work, Jr., values the trust of his patients in Buckhead, Vinings, and Sandy Springs, so he only recommends the minimal amount of surgery that is needed. Our Breast Lift Before and After Pictures show you how the procedure improves the appearance of the breasts.

Even if your breasts look small, you may actually have enough breast tissue, but excess skin makes the breasts hang lower on your chest. Breast lift surgery does not specifically increase the size of your breasts, but rather repositions the breasts higher on your chest to give a more perky appearance.

Breast lift surgery involves making incisions around the areola or other areas near the breast. Dr. Work removes excess skin, and he may also remove little pockets of fat with liposuction or a surgical scalpel. He pulls the remaining skin tight to close the incision and lift and shape the breast.

If you have too little breast tissue to achieve the best proportions for your body, Dr. Work may recommend breast augmentation in addition to a breast lift.

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Breast lift surgery helps many women achieve the breast shape and size they want without implants. If you like the results you see in our Breast Lift Before and After Pictures, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.