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Patient Resources

Initial Consult

Web Portal Questionnaire should be completed online prior to the scheduled appointment time. Should you have difficulty completing this process, it is advised that you show up 1 hour prior to your appointment to complete the questionnaire on one of our computers.

VS, Initial Screening and Photos will be performed by a Medical Assistant, Medical Student or Nurse.

You will then be seen by the Plastic Surgeon who will evaluate your problem, answer your questions and make treatment recommendations.

Should the Plastic Surgeon determine you to be a surgical candidate, you will then be sent you to our Pre-certification/Surgery Scheduling Coordinator who will assist you in selecting a day for surgery.

  • The time frame for obtaining pre-certification for an insurance covered surgery can usually range between 2-3 weeks.
  • If the pre-certification request is not approved by the time of your Pre-op appointment, it may be necessary to reschedule your day of surgery.
  • A pre-op appointment will be scheduled 2 weeks prior to the anticipated day of surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery/Insurance Deductibles & Co-pays

$1000 deposit is required to schedule a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Balance of cosmetic surgery fees and deductibles should be paid 2 weeks before surgery NLT the time of your Pre-op Visit.

If need to reschedule surgery, this must be done greater than 2 weeks prior to surgery date. Failure to do so will result in a $200 administrative fee to reschedule and possible loss of the surgery deposit.


Pre-op Appointment

  • Scheduled on a Thursday ~2 weeks before DOS usually scheduled at time of selecting a surgery date.

Pre-op Instructions given will include:

  • When to stop eating and drinking
  • Which meds to stop and when
  • Bathing
  • Shaving
  • Driver needed to accompany patient on DOS
  • Clothing to wear
  • Arrival time vs Surgery Time
  • Post-op Instructions 


Dressing Removal 

  • All external dressings (tape & gauze) should be removed after 72hrs. The underlying white paper strips adherent to the skin should remain in place (until they fall off on their own or patient may remove any remaining strips by the end of week #3).
  • Skin Graft patients should NOT remove their dressings which will be removed by staff during your first post-op clinic visit.
  • Rhinoplasty patients should leave their external nasal splint in place for 2 weeks to be removed by Dr. Work.
  • Eyelid surgery patients will frequently have a lower eyelid “looped suture” attached to the forehead by white paper strips. The “loop of suture” should be cut below the knot on 1 side which will allow the suture to slide out of the lower eyelid. Removal of the tape on the forehead will then remove the suture.

Daily Shower following dressing removal

Allow the H20 to hit on the body above the surgical site and run down across the surgical site. It is not advisable to let the H20 hit directly on the surgical site in order to prevent the Steri-strips from prematurely coming off.

JP Drainage Tubes

  • Empty bulb 1-3x/day and record volume in cc or ml whenever the bulb reservoir becomes >50% full.
  • Milk Tubing as instructed during pre-op visit 3x/day.

What to do if drain bulb won’t maintain suction?

Examine the tubing to identify any holes which can be taped to re-establish suction.

What to do if fluid leaks out around the drain?

First attempt to milk the tubing since a clogged drain is the most common reason for this problem to occur. Second, apply dry gauze dressing around the base of the tube and change as necessary to keep dry. Drainage around the tube is not a problem(the fluid needs to come out) only messy.

What to do to minimize discomfort from the stitch securing the drain to your skin?

Taping the tube to your skin shortly after it exits the skin will help prevent the drain from pulling on the stitch which secures the drain and prevents the it from accidentally being pulled out.

Medication Refills

Patient’s shouldn’t wait until they run out of pain medications before calling for a refill. Phone calls should be made to the RN between the hours of 0900am-3:00pm when a medication refill is requested. The RN will send a Rx refill to the pharmacy at ~12:00pm (for requests made between 09:00-11:30am) and at 4:00pm (for requests made between 11:30am-3:00pm). Patient Rx refill requests made after 4:00pm will not be filled by the RN until 12:00pm the following day.

Post-op Appointment

  • Scheduled ~1 week after surgery for all patients.
  • Wound check for sign of infection
  • Drain/Suture/Staple removal
  • Post-op Photos will be taken at 1 month and subsequent visits.

FMLA/Disability Forms

Submit to Front Desk personnel who will ensure completion within 2 weeks of receipt.

Parking Options

Baltimore Row (Onsite)

Parking Rates:

  • 1-3 Hours – $3.00 with validation
  • Each additional hour is $1.00