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Breast Enhancement (Breast Surgery) in Atlanta, GA

Breast Enhancement Before and After Pictures

If you are embarrassed by underdeveloped breasts, breasts that are imbalanced or asymmetrical, or breasts that have become lax and saggy after pregnancy, it may be time to consider breast enhancement to achieve your desired look and to improve your self-esteem. The Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Frederick T. Work, Jr., offers breast enhancement surgery for women in and around the Buckhead, Vinings and Sandy Springs area in Georgia.

What is Breast Enhancement?

The term “breast enhancement” refers to a variety of surgical procedures that lift, contour, reshape or enlarge and enhance a woman’s breasts. Procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, gynecomastia (male breast reduction) and breast lift surgeries all fall under the blanket of breast enhancement procedures. Breast enhancement may also refer to such procedures as removal or exchange of breast implants, breast reduction surgeries and revisions to previous breast surgeries.

Benefits of Breast Enhancement

With new and improved developments in breast enhancement procedures, patients may now achieve a more comfortable and natural look, as well as reduced recovery time and complications. Many women wish to change the size, position, shape or appearance of their breasts, while others seek to balance a chest that appears lopsided, to lift and add volume to sagging breasts or to eliminate back pain and other secondary effects caused by the burden of weight from excessively large breasts. Many patients, including men, agree that breast enhancement procedures can dramatically elevate their self-esteem and boost confidence by providing a more attractive appearance resulting in improved self-esteem.

Types of Breast Enhancement Offered

Learn more about our breast enhancement procedures by following these links. If you need more information, contact our office in Atlanta to schedule a consultation.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to enlarge the breasts by inserting silicone or saline implants inside the breast tissue. Breast augmentation is a safe and effective procedure and one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S.

Breast Implant Removal

In some cases, women who have had breast augmentation surgery are unhappy with the size of the implants inserted after times has passed and may decide to either remove the implants or exchange them for implants of another size. Breast implant removal is a relatively simple procedure and Dr. Work may choose to use the same incision sites used in the original breast augmentation procedure to prevent further scarring.

Breast Lift 

Breast lift refers to mastopexy surgery and is a procedure used to lift breasts that are sagging. The results may be long lasting, but the natural aging progression and future pregnancies may eventually cause additional sagging in the breasts.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that re-creates natural-looking breasts for women who have gone through breast removal due to cancer, injury or other diseases or conditions. The goal of breast reconstruction is to create breasts that resemble the patient’s original breasts as closely as possible by restoring the appearance, shape and size of the breasts.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction or mammoplasty refers to a surgical procedure that reduces the size and fullness of one or both breasts, with permanent results. This procedure reduces not only the size of the breasts but also reduces the weight and volume while reshaping the breasts to look more youthful.


Gynecomastia refers to male breast reduction surgery. This procedure is becoming increasingly common among men and boys. In gynecomastia, the excessive breast tissue in men and boys is removed by either liposuction or surgery, resulting in a tauter, more masculine chest contour.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Enhancement?

Practically anyone who wants to improve the shape, size and appearance of their breasts and chest contour may be a good candidate for breast enhancement procedures, as long as they are in good health. Even women who have seen a reduction in cup size after breastfeeding or weight loss and those who have experienced loss of skin elasticity and sagging breasts may make excellent candidates if they are in good overall health.

How Much Does Breast Enhancement Cost in Atlanta?

Although breast reconstruction surgeries following a mastectomy are considered necessary surgeries, most other breast enhancement procedures are not, so most health insurance providers will not provide coverage for the costs. To make your breast enhancement procedure more affordable, the Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery proudly offers CareCredit® and Prosper® Healthcare Lending as financing options for all of our patients. Our office also accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards.

Isn’t it time you considered a cosmetic procedure to finally enhance your breasts to get the figure you’ve always desired? The Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Frederick T. Work, Jr., offers excellence in breast enhancement surgery, in a friendly and comfortable setting, for women in and around the Buckhead, Vinings and Sandy Springs area in Georgia.