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Botox® in College Park, GA

Botox® is an effective and popular cosmetic treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Dr. Frederick T. Work, Jr. is a reputable and experienced professional who can provide this treatment to College Park residents at the Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery.

What Is Botox®?

Wrinkles form naturally with age, and Botox® can help you achieve a more youthful appearance. The treatment involves injecting the Botox® solution into areas of the face that tend to develop wrinkles, including the forehead and the area surrounding the eyes. Botox® can also treat migraines, excessive sweating, and overactive bladders.

Botox® Benefits

Clients who receive Botox® experience a variety of benefits. The treatment reduces wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, and in other areas of the face, which helps clients look younger. It also can help clients achieve softer and smoother skin. Individuals who experience frequent migraines can help control the pain with Botox® treatment, and injections can reduce perspiration under the arms.

Where Can Botox® Be Applied?

The professionals at the Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery can apply Botox® to lines on the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, gummy smiles, dimples, bunny lines, eyebrows, smoker’s lines, and platysmal bands on the neck.

How Is Botox® Administered?

Dr. Work uses a tiny hypodermic needle to administer several Botox® injections to the targeted area of the face. The treatment is very quick and does not require any preparation before the procedure or sedation during the procedure. Clients can immediately resume their day-to-day activities after receiving the treatment.

When administered by an experienced professional, Botox® is a safe, easy, and effective procedure to reduce and eliminate wrinkles. If you live in College Park and are interested in receiving Botox®, contact the Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery to ask any questions or schedule an appointment.

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