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Tummy Tuck in Fulton County, GA

Losing weight because of a recent pregnancy or dietary changes takes an extreme amount of dedication. But while it takes a considerable amount of determination to lose the majority of the weight, you may be left with small pockets of fat that wreak havoc on your self-esteem despite your efforts. Dr. Frederick T. Work, Jr., of the Atlanta Center for Breast and Aesthetic Surgery, can help. Dr. Work performs tummy tuck surgeries for men and women residing in and around the Fulton County, GA area. He will remove the loose, hanging skin and tighten your weakened abdominal muscles, leaving you with a flatter, smoother belly.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure known in medical terms as an abdominoplasty. It works by flattening the wall of the abdomen and streamlining the area around the waistline. By decreasing the amount of saggy, unnecessary skin and building up the lax, overextended muscles in the mid-section, it eliminates the damage caused by pregnancies and dramatic changes in weight. Stretch marks can often form on this stretched-out skin and will be removed during a tummy tuck. However, you may not be able to remove all stretch marks.

The tummy tuck procedure is very straightforward. A minor incision is made horizontally along the bikini line right above the pubic bone. There is a slight scar, but it usually is not very prominent. If a great deal of skin needs to be removed, the scar may be larger in size.

Benefits Of A Tummy Tuck

It should be understood that all tummy tuck candidates should be in good health and close to their ideal weight, if not already at it, before proceeding. Tummy tucks can offer a plethora of benefits to patients, including:

  • Reducing previous scars gained from earlier surgeries on the abdominal area such as C-sections, gynecological procedures, and appendectomies
  • Shedding excess sagging and hanging skin marred with stretch marks
  • Repairing overextended and stretched abdominal muscles that may make the belly appear bloated

How A Tummy Tuck Is Performed

Dr. Work will cut across the bikini line and again near the patient’s belly button. All extra skin stretched by weight gain or pregnancies above the belly button will be pulled downward toward the pubic area and removed. All remaining skin is pulled tight and smooth, and the navel is repositioned on the abdomen. If necessary, liposuction may be used to resculpt the area and create a smooth, taut finish.

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