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Hair Transplant in Brookhaven, GA

Men aren’t the only ones who suffer from thinning hair or baldness. Regardless of gender, this can make any scenario unpleasant. Men and women who reside in Brookhaven can turn to the Hair Transplant Center of Atlanta for the solution. Led by Dr. Frederick T. Work Jr., this center offers hair transplants for clients affected by this problem.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Technology has evolved and today’s techniques for hair transplants give natural-looking results. The procedure involves gathering donor hairs and inserting each separate one into a tiny incision. Since most patients have thinning and balding issues on the front and top of the scalp, the transplanted hair usually comes from the sides and back of the scalp.

Who is a Candidate for Hair Transplantation?

If you have wondered whether you’re a candidate for hair transplantation, you should know that it requires a sufficient amount of your own healthy hair. During your consultation, Dr. Work will assess whether your donor hair meets the necessary requirements. Since the procedure involves anesthesia, you should not have any existing health conditions that would react negatively to sedation.

Can Women Undergo Hair Transplantation Surgery?

While baldness used to be associated with men and treatments were specifically geared towards them, society has become more forthcoming about female hair loss. Consequently, hair transplantation methods have progressed to meet the requirements of females. As such, this surgery makes a superb option for thinning hair and baldness.

For hair loss due to hormonal changes, Dr. Work suggests that you address these concerns beforehand with a primary care physician in order to restore balance to your hormone levels. This will enhance the effectiveness of the procedure and prolong the results.

How Long Does it Take for Hair Transplantation Patients to Have Their Final Results?

New hair starts to grow in the transplant area after approximately three months. That’s when hair will also start looking fuller. After an additional three to six months, you can expect to see the complete effects of the hair transplantation procedure.

The Hair Transplant Center of Atlanta is dedicated to providing hair loss solutions for women and men in Brookhaven by performing hair transplantation surgeries under the guidance of Dr. Frederick T. Work Jr. If you want to enhance your appearance with hair restoration, contact us today.

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