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Hair Transplant in Fulton County, GA

Baldness and thinning of hair can be very depressing. It makes both men and women feel uncomfortable about any situation. Dr. Fredrick T. Work, Jr. leads the Hair Transplant Center of Atlanta, which offers hair transplants to the residents of Fulton County.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

Advancements in medicine have allowed transplants to give natural results. Hair transplant involves harvesting donor hair from the sides or back of the scalp. The hair is inserted into small incisions where there is thinning and balding. The most affected areas are the front and top of the scalp.

Who Is a Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Candidates for hair transplant need to have adequate hair that is healthy enough. During a consultation, Dr. Work determines whether your donor hair is appropriate for the procedure. You also need to be in perfect health because anesthesia will be used during the surgery.

Can Women Undergo Hair Transplantation Surgery?

There have been increased cases of female baldness in recent years. The good news is that hair transplant procedures have evolved to accommodate women’s specific needs. Women with baldness and hair thinning can opt for hair transplantation surgery. Dr. Work suggests that women who have hair loss due to hormonal changes to work closely with their primary physicians to rebalance their hormone levels before undergoing the transplantation surgery.

How Long Does It Take for Hair Transplantation Patients to Have Their Final Results?

Patients of hair transplant surgeries can expect to see results after approximately three months. New hair begins to grow in the designated areas and gradually becomes fuller. Full results of the hair transplantation surgery are expected after six to nine months from the initial procedure.

Dr. Work, head of the Hair Transplant Center in Atlanta, focuses on solutions relating to matters of hair loss in men and women in Fulton County. You should contact Dr. Work if you are looking for an improvement with regards to hair restoration. Contact us today.

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